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About Us

or why we are the way we are…

How would you describe the best people you know?

Are they joyful, loyal, appreciative? Loving, resilient, empathic? Present, entertaining, positive, funny, or hopeful…

Look at that… The Perfect Person is a Dog!

If only dogs knew how to cook…

These qualities are intrinsic to dogs. They’re a part of their container. This is their very skeleton. Then their individual personalities are poured inside of that perfect package, making every dog unique. Every dog is different. We take them in and learn their idiosyncrasies, their needs, and their preferences… and they become one of us. As trite as it might sound, Dogs are family.

How can we ever be comfortable handing our dogs over to a group of employees with their hands full and hope each person will be able to care for the individual needs of our dog as only we know how to do??

I Get It.  I’ve Been There.

My name is Heather Fox.

For over 16 years I worked alongside veterinarians and techs, groomers, trainers, and professional business people, in vet clinics, kennels, rescues, and dog daycares slash boarding facilities. I have managed dog daycare facilities and provided professional pet sitting services through one for 6 years before deciding to try to do it on my own in 2015. And then in June of 2016, I finally left my guaranteed money-making job, and took the leap of faith to run my own business, out of my home, full-time.

…and I.LOVE.IT.

I have never been happier or more satisfied with life than I am right now. I love working with people who want the best for their dogs. I love getting to know each dog and making sure they are as comfortable and happy as they can be while their moms and dads are away. I take great pride in doing an amazing job of taking care of other people’s dogs the way you want it done.

Does your dog have special needs and you don’t feel comfortable leaving him somewhere he might be overlooked? This is our specialty!

Send us a message and we will let you know if we’re a good fit.

What do we offer?

We provide in-our-home care for anyone in the greater Rochester area. If you live in the Victor-Farmington area, and you prefer visits in your own home, we can stop by up to 3 times a day. (Depending on availability we can sometimes provide home visits to a larger area.)

We will feed your dog their own food at the times they normally eat. We will administer your dog’s medication in the manner you want them given and at the times they actually need them.  We will continue your dog’s exercise routine if they have one, and if they are staying with us, we will provide socialization and playtime with the other homebody hounds here during their stay.

Best of all, we will post pics every single day on Facebook and Instagram. We will even send you personal pics and videos on request.

We make sure we have all the info we need before your dog’s stay with us to make sure our schedule and capabilities fit your needs.

Please keep in mind:

To provide the highest caliber of service we can only take a very limited number of dogs.

If you want your dog to become a Homebody Hound, send us a message as soon as you know our services are needed to be sure you get a spot!

Fill out a reservation request through the Reservations link or send a message through the Contact Us links above or below.



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Fun Facts about Heather:

  • I lived in Los Angeles County in California for 5 years. During my work experience there in kennels, vets, and doggy daycares, I helped take care of celeb’s dogs, including those of Lionel Richie, Elisa Dushku, Mark Hoppus, and Liza Huber. (Yeah, I name dropped.)
  • I was born with a meromelia, a partial absence of my left arm. But no worries, I can still do everything without help from others or prosthetics.
  • I made Varsity cheerleading in my Freshman year of High School (Go Eagles!) and I played tennis all 4 years. My best friend and I were able to compete as first double in tennis in our senior year.
  • I studied at MCC, Excelsior, and RIT, and have a degree in business, yet all of my professional experience is with dogs.
  • I have always been a huge animal lover. At age 6 when I found out animals had to be killed for us to eat them, I decided I wanted to be a vegetarian when I grew up (and have been since 2000, vegan since 2005).

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