Shrunk Expand


Please use the form below for an estimate or to make a reservation.

**If you don’t get an email confirmation I did not get your reservation! Please email me at**

*We are full Oct 6, 7, 8

**  Starting Oct 15, 2023, we will be taking a break from in-our-home pet sitting for an as yet unknown period of time. We will still care for pets in your home, go for walks, and take dogs on field trips to the dog park! **

During busier times, you may be required to provide a deposit to hold a reservation.

Please be considerate to our small business and keep in mind we only take a few dogs at a time. We understand things happen sometimes and you might have to cancel at the last minute. This policy is to protect us from these instances and to encourage customers to cancel as early as possible if you must do so.

Thank you for understanding! We appreciate your business! 

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